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Acronyms (Roshei Teivos)

Adler Rabbi Nathan and Queen Victoria

Agriculture – green revolution

Airplanes – Jewish flyers and inventors

Aleinu prayer

Altar – ancient on Mount Eval

America – first Jew there

America – immigration from Russia, personal story 1894

American Revolution – St. Eustatius Island

Animal cruelty laws

Animal Intelligence

Apostate – Yechezkel Stanislaw Hoga

Arabs – pro-Jewish

Archeology – forgeries

Argentina – Jewish colonies

Argentina – Jewish Republic

Ark – of Temple and lost Temple treasures

 Ark Noah’s – its miracles

Army Israeli – yeshiva exemption from draft


Astronomy – calculating the new moon

Astronomy – number of stars

Astronomy – planets and craters

Astronomy – stars, comets, and meteorites



Atom Bomb – Jewish woman discovers nuclear fusion

Auschwitz Eyewitness

Baal Shem Tov of London (alchemy)

Bar Kochva

Barbary Pirates – U.S. war against them

Barmitzah – history of


Beggars – negative non-Jewish legislation

Beilis Libel 1

Beiliss Libel 2

Beiliss Libel 3

Benjamin the Second – 19th century traveler

Bible – origin of chapters and verses

Blood Libel – Kielce Poland after WW2

Blood Libel – in the USA

Blood Libel – little Hugh’s false well

Books – Their Introductions

Buba Maasehs – etymology of expression

Calendar – First Year

Calendar – length of year I

Calendar – calculating length of year II

Calender – Contradiction between Jewish and Regular Year Count

The Calendar – moon sightings versus set calendar

Calendar – weekday names

Captives – redeeming

Cars – Volkswagen designed by Jew?

Cave dwellers

Cemeteries – caves and above ground

Chalakah – haircut at three 

Chanukah  – Dreidels versus Cards

Chanuka – unusual menorahs

Chanukah – why no tractate for it?

Charity – Jewish customs

Charity – redeeming prisoners for more than their worth


Churban (First Temple) and Egypt

Churvah Shul 1

Churvah Shul II

Chicken Corporation – Roosevelt controversy

Clothes – Jewish garb

Communities – Independent Jewish Communities

Convert – Avraham the Convert of Vilna

Copper Scrolls (Dead Sea caves, hidden treasure)

Council of Four Lands

Council of The Four Lands 2

Counting Jews – King David

Czar Alexander II

Dead Sea

Death – Determining Moment of

Denmark Rabbi Hirsch Denmark – pin prick genius

Diaspora – Jewish states in

DNA – the kohein link

Doctors – Medieval Jewish

Dona Gracia 1

Dona Gracia 2

Dona Gracia 3

Dreyfus – the case

Dreyfus – counterpart in Portugal

Education – Modern

Elephants and the Jews


Eugenics in the USA

Evian Conference – prior to Holocaust

Familiant Law – limiting number of Jewish marriages

Flood Prophecies (fake) – 16th century

Ford Henry : anti-Semite

Frankists – a follower’s personal experience

Gaza 1

Gaza 2


Genius – failure? William Sidis

Germany – first two reichs

Gibraltar – It’s Jews

Goldilocks Zone – ecology

Graves and tombstones

Haffkine Mordechai – vaccine pioneer

Haggadah – editions of

Haggadah songs

Hawaiian king’s Jewish soothsayer

Haym Solomon – financier of American revolution

Hebrew – development of

Hebrew – Eliezer Ben Yehuda part 1

Hebrew – Eliezer Ben Yehuda part 2

Hebrew – Why Two Ancient Alphabets

Hep Hep Riots

Holy of Holies – Where is It?

Homeland – searching for alternative Jewish home

Holocaust – Africa

Holocaust – Auschwitz was Jewish town of Oshpitzin

Holocaust – Bulgarian Jews spared

Holocaust – halachah 1

Holocaust – halachah 2

Holocaust – Looting of holy books

Holocaust – Madagascar Plan

Holocaust – massacre at Rome

Holocaust – typhus, saving Jews with fake typhus

Holocaust – Yellow Star

Holocaust – Yugoslavia

Holocaust – Warsaw zoo director saved Jews 

India – Black and White Jews

Intelligence – Jewish 1

Intelligence – Jewish 2

Internationalism – banish nations

Inventors Jewish early


Islam – Islamic State

Islam – Sunnis and Shiites

Israel – 1864 travelogue

Israel – atom bomb program 1

Israel – atom bomb program part 2 (Iraq)

Israel – atom bomb program part 3 (Vanunu)

Israel – biological warfare

Israel – biological warfare part 2

Israel – early cars

Israel – Earthquakes

Israel – Finn – English Consul James Finn in Palestine

Israel – First Cars

Israel – Gamla in the Golan

Israel – Repentant Pioneer

Israel – Jericho

Israel – Jerusalem: house that could not be sold

Israel – Jerusalem’s Four Surrenders in WWI

Israel (Holy Land) – Muslim Conquest

Israel – oil and gas exploration

Israel’s Religious Status Quo Agreement

Israel – secular pioneer who became chareidi

Israel – stealing the Mig-21

Israel – the Hamas

Israel – old time Arabs

Holy Land – old tales about its Arabs

Israel – mosque noise

Israel – Nazis – the Templars

Israel – Olifant Laurence and Yemenite aliyah

Israel Operation Thief

Israel – German reparations to Israel

Israel: Kosel Hakatan (Small Western Wall)

Israel – sabotage in Egypt by Egyptian Jews

Israel – Shiloh

Israel – Quietus Rebellion 115 CE

Israel – Peki’in, Jews Constantly There

Israel – Tel Aviv Jews thrown out in WW1

Israel – Tractor War 1965

Israel – Wars over Water

Israel – Water Crisis

Italy Bombs Tel Aviv

Jaffa’s Ups and Downs

Jerusalem – 19th century childhood

Jerusalem archaeology 

Jerusalem – early history 

Jerusalem – pilgrimage in modern times

Jerusalem, founding of Meah Shearim

Jerusalem – Muslim conquest 

Jerusalem’s New Neighborhoods

Jerusalem – tomb of Shimon Hatzaddik

Jerusalem – Tomb of the Kings

Jerusalem – walls of

Jerusalem – Western Wall 

Jews Worldwide – At End of 19th Century

Jonah and the Whale

Jonathan’s Death Sentence

Journey – Asia Africa 1845



King Agrippa

King Henry 8 – Rabbis and his Divorce

King Herod – part 1

King Herod – part 2

King – Jewish in Patagonia

King Yoshiyahu – Why Mention on Tisha Be’Av?

Kosher – Anti Slaughter Laws

Kosher – slaughter, fight in USA


Lafitte Jean – was he Jewish

Language – words and pronunciation

Le’Dovid prayer

Lifespan – 120 years

Light – Nature of 

Lincoln’s chiropodist – Issachar Zacharie

Locusts – famine


Luxury – decrees against

Magen David

Marrano escape – Dr. Nunez


Martyrs – the ten

Mathematics – Jewish

Mathematics – part 2

Medicine – mummies and mesmerism

Megillas Ta’anis

Meir (Rabbi) Baal Haneis

Menorahs – old and new

Meshulachim – overseas charity collectors

Messiahs False – Yemen 1

Messiahs False – Yemen II

month length

Mondays and Thursdays – the Vehu Rachum Prayer


Money – ancient coins

Money – Coins of the Chashmonaim kings

Mordechai – Grave in Hamadan

Moshe – did he enter Eretz Yisrael?

Moshe (Moses) – Was He Born Perfect?

Mount of Olives


Names – using non-Jewish names

Names – Jewish

Names – part 2

Napoleon – defeated by shofar or Psalm

Nazis – building atom bomb

Nazi physics and the atom bomb

Nazis – buried Jew with military honors

Nazis – Hebrew orders police dogs

Nazis – Hitler’s rise to power

Nazis – Hitler, assassination attempts 1

Nazis – Hitler assassination attempts 2

Nazis – Hitler assassination attempts 3

Nazi – Their Jewish Museum

Nazis – sun weapon from satellite

Nazis – WW2 rockets

New York – in the 1870s

Newspaper Jewish – 19th century excerpts

New York – pushcarts and peddlars


Nuclear bomb – chain reaction

Olympics – part 1

Olympics – part 2

Oppenheimer – Shmuel saves Europe from Turkish invasion

Ottoman Empire – end of 

Palestine in World War 2

Palestine Ottoman – American Jews

Panama Canal

Parchi Chaim – Jewish advisor in Turkish Galilee

Patriarchs – their deeds indicate future Jewish history

Paul Revere – a Jewish one?

Pesach Haggodah

Peyos – sidecurls

Pharaoh – His Identity

Philo – Jewish philosopher

Poland – Jewish estate agents

Poland – Jew who Bought It

Poland – Jewish king for one day

Poland – Jews fight in its revolutions

Polio – Jewish Research

Pollution and weather

Population – Jewish over the centuries

Prague – statue of Jesus with Hebrew letters

Prayer – waking people up to pray

Prayer – at Tombs

Printing press – the Slovita controversy

Prisons – the Torah attitude

Prohibition (alcohol)

Purim – Temple connection

Purim – the Temple connection 1

Pyramids – crackpot theories

Rabbis – the meaning of semichah or ordination 

Rabbi – became Catholic Saint in Brazil

Railway – Jewish/Russian Railway King

Records – achievements and events

Records – Jewish part 2

Red Indians – Jewish?

Red Indians – Jewish chief

Reform – father of, Israel Jacobson

Relativity – the Jewish angle

Riddles – Jewish

Right side versus left side


Rumania – Israel ransoms its Jews

Russia – Cantonists

Russia in 1905

Russo-Japanese War – financed by Jacob Schiff

Russia – Subbotniks

Russia Soviet – downfall

Russia Soviet – rabbis writings

Russia Soviet – Yeshiva in Moscow

Russia – Yevsektsiya, Jewish Communists

Sanhedrin and Sanhedrins

Samaritans history


Sandwich – Hillel’s Invention

Schwartz Yehosef (Rabbi) – early geographer

Science – Ancient Inventions

Science – Controversial

Science – old ideas vindicated

Science – unifying principles

Sect: Russian Jewish-style

Sefer Hayashar

Shabbos – Attempt to Replace with Sunday

Shanghai – Jewish in 1920

Shavuos – no precise date

Shechitah – fight in the United States

Shofar at stressful times

Shomronim (Samaritans)

Shuls – with a story 

Shuls – miniature temples. To what extent?

Sidis William – unsuccessful genius

Simchas Torah

Sinai – The Mountain

Spain – Tortosa Debate (14th century)

Speculations and bubbles

States – Jewish Ones outside Holy Land

Strong man – Jewish, Zisha Breitbart


Suriname – Jewish State

Talmud – the Vilna Shas

Ten Tribes


Time – Counting Time from creation of world

Time – Sabbath on Tuesday, 364 day year

Time – Daylight Saving

Torah – did the Patriarchs (Avos) keep the Torah?

Tosfos Yom Tov

Translations – good or bad?

Sambatyon River

Sancheriv’s Prism

Sanhedrins old and new

Science – old ideas vindicated

Science – old-new technology

Science – modern concepts in Jewish sources

Science – unifying principles

Serach bas Asher

Shofar at stressful times

Shuls – the organ controversy

Simchas Torah

Street Names

Siddur – Daily Prayer Book

Sukkos – when arba minim (four species) were rare

Sunday rest laws

Suriname – Jewish state


Taxes – Unfair Ones for Jews

Teddy Bears – Theodore Roosevelt

Ten Lost Tribes – British?

Temple – is there mitzvah to guard it?

Temple Mount – Muslim lies

Time – Arab clock begins at sunset

Time – At North Pole

Time and time zones

Touro Judah 

Translations – good or bad?

Two Gun Cohen

Tzena – Israeli austerity in 50s

Universities – Czarist Russia

Vilna Gaon – his lottery

Vitamins – Jewish Discoverer

Wallenberg Raoulf – part 2

Wallenberg Raoulf – conclusion

Warfare – suicide warriors

Water: History of in Israel

Water: Israel’s production of water from the sea

Weddings – no Music in Jerusalem

Week – Five Day

Woodbine – first Jewish town in U.S.

World War 1

World War 1 – Jewish Regiment

World War II – computers

World War 2 – computers, El-Alamein

WW2 – El Alamein: rabbi’s speech

WW2 – Franco helps Jews

WW2 – Germany & Japan invade USA

WW2 – Jews Fool Nazi Flyers

World War II – Jewish hospital in Berlin

World War 2 – submarine attack: Jews saved from

World War 2 – Talmud published in Germany


Yemen – Jewish Kings


Yiddish in Israel