Internationalism – banish nations

Gary Davis is unique among visionary Jews for his system of trying to usher in an era of world peace, where nation ceases to raise sword against nation. His strategy? Get rid of nations!

Born in Maine in 1921, he flew US bombers during WWII to fight the Nazis and avenge the death of his brother who was killed in action. But when officers ordered him to bomb civilian areas of cities he had a change of heart that lasted the rest of his life. In 1948 he renounced his American citizenship. Demanding “one government for one world,” he declared himself the first official World Citizen. In 1949 he created the World Government of World Citizens for the surprisingly large number of people who had signed up in his International Registry of World Citizens (perhaps without tearing up their passports).

The “world passport” he invented in 1956 often led to his arrest at border controls, although he did succeed in arriving at the JFK airport in September 1957 after passing through Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran, and Holland. This tolerant trend of border officials increased with time to the extent that by now 150 countries have accepted his spurious document at one time or other.

During the Rio de Janeiro Earth Summit of 1992, Davis announced a brand new World Currency that is based on the kilowatt hours of solar power the world receives from the sun, although exactly how this system is supposed to work is beyond me. In a 2008 blog titled, “Isn’t it time for world money?” he describes the Rio experience:

“The first printing was at Queen City Press of Burlington, VT, in 1992. The 5,000 bills were placed on the table facing the crowd. The sun was blazing outside. Suddenly it occurred to me on the third day, that the World Kilowatt Dollars could serve a powerful educational purpose. I picked up a handful.

“You claim you are poor and we, Americans are rich,” I started. “But that sun out there is pouring billions of kilowatts on your land every second. These bills I hold in my hand represent solar energy. They are the first world money. I’m going to give each person here one 10 kilowatt dollar bill as a free gift. This is a limited edition. You might not be able to spend it in your local grocery but hold on to it. It will become a collector’s item in due course. Eager hands stretched out immediately. Everybody wanted the ‘world money.'”

To this blog someone responded: “Sounds great! Let’s get this program started asap! When does this World citizens bank open up?”

Well, in the meantime not all his bills are sold out yet. First-edition World Kilowatt Dollars can still be bought at the rate of ten kilowatt dollars per one hundred US dollars. Buy now while the supply lasts.

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