Nazis – buried Jew with military honors

The last person in this article is no footnote Jew but a tremendous tzaddik. Avraham ben Avraham von Manstein was the legal uncle of one of Hitler’s most talented generals, Erich von Manstein (he was adopted by the von Manstein family), who spearheaded the Nazi invasion into Russia. Born in 1869, Avraham Manstein converted and joined the Jewish kehillah of Wurtzburg, Germany where he was affectionately known as the Baron. When the Nazis rounded up the Wurtzburg Jews in 1942, the Baron also came along wearing his tallis and tefi llin, and when the Nazis repeatedly insisted he could leave as he was biologically as Aryan as they were, he courageously replied, “Where Jews go, I go too.”

After the Baron’s death in Terezinstadt two years later, his legal nephew, General Erich von Manstein, buried him with full Nazi honors and he lay in a non-Jewish cemetery for almost quarter of a century before being moved to the new Jewish cemetery of Wurtzburg. His Jewish headstone bears the following inscription: “Buried here is Count Avraham Ben Avraham von Manstein, a true-convert of blessed memory, converted as an adult, a righteous man, a generous man, born 18-5-1869, died as a Jew on 17- 1-1944 and transferred to a Jewish grave with much honor on 5-7-1970.”

(Source of Manstein story: http://www.zeevgalili. com/english/)

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