Two Gun Cohen

Two Gun Cohen was born as the prosaic Morris Cohen in Radzanow, Poland, in 1887. While living and working in Canada, Cohen became very friendly with Chinese workers building the Canadian Pacific Railways and even intervened when a Chinese restaurateur was being robbed and threw the robber into the street. In those racist times, it was almost unheard of for a white man to come to the aid of a Chinese and the persecuted Chinese minority befriended him and involved him in their political shenanigans.

Cohen’s Chinese connection reached its climax in 1922 when he traveled to China and became the personal bodyguard and later the general of Sun Yat-sen, the man who led China’s first nationalist government after the overthrow of its ancient imperial system in 1911. After a bullet nicked Cohen in battle, Cohen began wearing two guns for added protection, and this is what led to his moniker of ‘Two Gun Cohen.’ Truth to tell, besides helping the Zionists acquire weapons in 1948 and his priestly name, there was little Jewish about Two Gun Cohen except his genes, his sense of justice, and his final burial in a Jewish cemetery in Salford, England, but he was a colorful footnote to Jewish history all the same.

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